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Spring Fling Video Project

While the studio is closed due to Covid-19, we will keep dancing!

All students are invited to submit video clips for a studio-wide project. The video will be released on Friday, May 8, to celebrate (we hope) the beginning of restrictions being lifted across Pennsylvania.


The video will be edited by faculty member Caitlin Osborne. Check out a similar video she made for another group here. (And you might spot another faculty member dancing if you keep your eyes open...)

To participate:

1. Check out the music for the video.

2. Film yourself dancing (or get someone to help!) You can do specific choreography or you can just dance along.

3. Send your video to or text to 814-574-3740, no later than Monday, May 4.

What will make your video clip easy to use...

1. Use the best camera you can.

2. Make sure to stand far enough away so that you don't accidentally cut off your head, hands, or feet. Or make it a close up of your feet.

3. Don't worry about audio quality! This is will be cut out anyway.

Tips to make your video even more awesome...

1. Have a lot of fun and be creative! Dance with your pet, dance with your family, dance while brushing your teeth or taking out the trash!

2. The music has some definite "moments" where special rhythms or sounds happen - can you make a special dance moment to fit?

Special tips for tappers...

1. If you want to tap, we want to include the sound.  That means we need your video to have ONLY tap sounds.  Wear earbuds to listen to the music as you tape.

2. Consider a close up of feet, as this will also pick up the tap sounds well.

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