Adult Classes

Beginning Ballet

For "true beginners" as well as dancers whose training may be some years past, this class is also appropriate for older teens. A slow moving class with emphasis on alignment, strength, flexibility, and the development of standard ballet vocabulary.

Beginning Ballet Workout      
This non-performance class is for dancers with some prior training who want a moderately-paced, beginning level class.  Build cardio and strength with classical moves.

Intermediate Ballet Barre and Centre
Designed especially for at home practice, this class is suitable for dancers working in small spaces and on less-than-ideal flooring. Level assumes familiarity with beginning level vocabulary and exercises. Barre includes plie, tendu, degage, rond de jambe, frappe, and grand battement.  Centre work focuses on non-traveling turns and adagio combinations. 

Intermediate/Advanced BalletA classically structured class with barre, adagio, petite allegro and grand allegro combinations.  A working knowledge of classical vocabulary is expected in this fast-paced class.  


Placement at the discretion of the Instructor.  Students are expected to enroll concurrently in Intermediate/Advanced Ballet.

Center technique emphasizes control, flexibility, and plastique.  Compositional exercises challenge students to think creatively about space, pattern, and expression.  Some prior dance training is recommended.


Technical development includes rhythm, flexibility, and increasing skill sets. Emphasis on stylistic versatility, technical precision and expressive performance.

Minimum 2 years of prior ballet training recommended.  Exploration of the lyrical style, with an emphasis on musicality and advanced technique.

Beginning Tap
Basic steps and rhythm, with an emphasis on building flexibility, producing clear sound, and understanding syncopation and rhythmic variation.

Intermediate/Advanced Tap
Continued skill development, including speed, syncopation, and improvisation.


Advanced Tap

A high level, fast-paced class, focused on broadening the performer's skill set and bringing advanced composition to the stage. 

Hip Hop
Open to all levels.  Appropriate for those with little or no prior training, dancers who want to explore a new style, or anyone ready to break it down.