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Children's Classes

First Step                               
Age 3 with parent or caregiver. Introduction to movement in an interactive environment. This class is not offered every semester.


Creative Movement

Ages 4-5.  No previous training. Emphasis on individual exploration of movement, basic dance technique, and simple rhythmic training, providing a foundation for all dance styles.
Ages 6-7.  Basic ballet steps with greater technical and compositional emphasis. Prepares students to begin studying other dance styles.  

Beginning Ballet
Ages 8-12. One year of prior training recommended, especially for younger dancers.  Development of ballet technique, including vocabulary and composition.

Students can expect to spend an average of two years at each level of progression.

Intermediate and Advanced Ballet
Placement at the discretion of the instructor.  Classically structured class of barre, adagio, petite and grand allegro.  


Placement at the discretion of the instructor, when sufficient strength and technique has been acquired.  Concurrent registration in ballet class required for all students.

Ages 9-14.  Creative movement and composition coupled with structured technique to develop strength, versatility, and expression.


Ages 9-14. Upbeat introduction to leaps, turns, and coordinated movement.  Emphasis on basic technique, rhythm, and performance style.​

Minimum 2 years of prior ballet training.  Exploration of the lyrical style, with its emphasis on expression, musicality, and advanced technique.


Ages 5-7  Introduction to the fundamentals of tap dance, focusing on coordination and balance, while providing a basic tap dance foundation to prepare students for beginning tap.


Beginning Tap
Ages 8-12.  Basic steps and rhythm, with an emphasis on building flexibility and accuracy of pattern.

Intermediate Tap and Advanced Tap
Placement at the discretion of the instructor.  Continued skill development, including speed, syncopation, and improvisation.  Students can expect to spend an average of two years at each level.

Hip Hop
Ages 9-14.  Basic technique.  Upbeat, rhythmic form of dance that emphasizes footwork, body isolations, and musicality. Appropriate for dancers with little or no prior training, or dancers who want to explore a new style.

Musical Theatre 
Ages 7-14.  Explores basics of a variety of dance styles, including jazz, tap, hip hop, modern, and ballet, with an emphasis on storytelling, humor, and technique commonly used in musical theatre production.


Ages are listed as a general guideline. Class placement is on an individual basis.

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