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Special Holiday Performance

Each December, at the end of the fall semester, dancers at CPDW perform at the State Theatre, with classes presenting new choreography created by CPDW faculty and learned in regular class time.

Last year's theme "There's a Holiday for That," explored obscure and unusual holidays.  Selections included a variety of ages and dance styles celebrating lesser known, strange, bizarre, wacky, or absurd holidays: Umbrella Day, Lollipop Day, Saxophone Day, International Peace Day, Alfred Hitchcock Day, and Rubber Ducky Day were among the favorites.  

Our 2020 December performance was a video event. "The Snow Queen" is available on DVD and streaming. We hope to be live again in 2021!

Student Choreographers Showcase

Each spring semester students at CPDW have the opportunity to ​show their own choreography at the Student Choreographers Showcase. Dancers of any age and level, in any style they choose, will work with a faculty mentor to create a performance piece, with lighting, sound, and costumes.  Dancers may choose to work as soloists or in small groups.  Whatever the concept, we want to bring it to light!


Presented in the CPDW studio, this concert allows students to have a taste of the many considerations a choreographer faces.  Each piece is presented in class for a feedback session from the dancer's peers, and faculty mentors encourage the dancers to challenge themselves.  

Check back for dates and times.



Spring School Performance

At the close of the spring semester students take the stage at the State Theatre for a final opportunity to showcase their artistic growth. Each class performs an original dance created by the CPDW faculty with an emphasis on expression and the art and craft of dance.

The spring 2019 theme, "Towards the Future," looked forward in time, from the near future to what might be.  Dances featured butterflies and autumn leaves, aliens and artificial intelligence, growing up and retirement, plus dystopian visions such as Big Brother and A Handmaid's Tale.


In 2021, the school performance will be a video event. The theme announcement is coming soon! 

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