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Frequently asked questions...

When do classes begin and end?

Spring semester classes begin Monday, January 8, and end on Saturday, April 27, 2024.

Where can I park?

Parking is easy and convenient at the Fraser St & Beaver Ave garages, in addition to street parking at parking meters.

How are your classes structured?

CPDW runs on a 14-week semester during the fall and spring, and offers 2 shorter sessions, a 5-week Intersession in May/June, and a 6-week summer semester in June/July. New students may join class at any time, though the beginning of a session is best.

What do students wear to class?

All dancers are expected to wear appropriate dance clothing and shoes, and to keep hair secured out of the face.  See the dress code or the class schedule for specifics.

What shoes do dancers need?

Dancers wear style-specific shoes for classes: bare feet for creative movement and modern; ballet slippers for ballet; jazz shoes for jazz, lyrical, and musical theatre dance; tap shoes for tap; dance sneakers for hip hop.  

Why do you have a “no skirts” policy for children?

Simple dance attire (leotard and tights) allows the dancers to move freely, and allows the instructor to ensure students are working safely and correctly.  Fancy leotards and skirts can inhibit movement, and cause a distraction for the dancers.

Do we have to buy costumes for the performance?

No.  Dancers provide their own leotard, tights, and shoes, generally the same ones worn in class.  All other costume pieces provided by the studio.

Is there extra practice time leading up to the performance?

Rehearsals for the performance occur primarily during regular class time.  On the weekend of the performance, dancers attend a brief tech rehearsal, and a final dress rehearsal, prior to the performance.

How do I know what class/level is right for me/my child?

Check the class schedule for age guidelines, but if you are unsure, just ask!  Levels are based both on age and experience.  All dancers benefit from ballet training, which is recommended but not required to study other styles of dance.  If you are coming to CPDW from another studio, we suggest you contact the director with previous experience, including style, training, frequency, etc.

Can I try out classes?

Dancers are welcome to attend single classes before registering for the semester.  Single class rates are $15 per class, and all students must fill out paperwork and pay $10 insurance fee.  If a single class student decides to register for a full semester, single class fees may apply to tuition.  

Do I have to register for the entire semester?

Students are welcome to attend single classes throughout the course of the semester and pay per class.  All students must complete registration paperwork and pay $10 insurance fee at their first class.  Single-class students pay additional fees which would otherwise be included in full-semester tuition: $25 registration fee (after three single classes) and $30 production fee (to participate in performance). 

Can parents watch classes?

No.  Parents may wait in the hallway while their children are in class, but we request no parents in the studio proper.  This allows the students to stay focused on the class material without distraction or inhibition.  Each semester includes a Visitors' Week where family and friends are welcome to observe, and take photos and videos.  Spring semester Visitors' Week is February 12-17, 2024.

Will I get to meet and talk with my child's teacher?

Parents are welcome to speak with the instructor before or after class, or to schedule a meeting.  CPDW sends home all pertinent communications in the form of handouts, as well as including them on the student pages.  We will also send periodic emails to reinforce and remind you of deadlines, etc.  Voice mail messages and emails are encouraged.

Do students automatically move to the next level each year?

At CPDW, ages are a guideline, not a rule, and we find, regardless of age, students progress at different paces.  Dancers do not automatically move up, but are advanced to the next level when they are ready.  Typically dancers spend at least 2 years in each level.  Progress reports are sent to parents at the end of the spring semester with class recommendations.

What expenses can I expect throughout the semester?

All fees are included in the tuition price.  Parents/dancers are responsible for providing their own class attire, including shoes.  All other costs are optional (fundraisers, performance photos and videos, etc.).  Performance costumes are provided.

Where do I buy dance clothing?

Recommended online options include,, (a site specifically for men and boys!).  CPDW also has an ongoing fundraiser of gently used dance clothing and shoes (donations welcome at any time).  There is a dance store in Altoona, The Dance Shop, if you prefer to shop in person.

What happens if I/my child must miss class?

Dancers are welcome to make up their absences in any level-appropriate class during the current semester, regardless of styles.  Please let your teacher know if you must miss a class.

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