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Children's Ensemble

The Children's Ensemble was founded in 2008 to provide younger students greater opportunities to apply technique in choreography and performance.  Rehearsals take place on an as needed basis, depending on upcoming performance schedule.

To date, this elite company has been featured in CPDW's School Performance, the annual Student Choreographers Showcase, the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, "Queen Moya and the Magic Cupcake" at the Boal Barn Playhouse, and "Peter and the Wolf," "Carnival of the Animals" and "Dinosaurs' Dance" at the State Theatre as part of the Central Pennsylvania Theatre & Dance Festival.  


All costumes are provided by the studio and remain property of the ensemble.  Students are expected to provide only appropriate shoes and tights, as needed.


Admission requires instructor's permission.  Please contact our director, Jill A. Brighton, at (814) 237-2666 or

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