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General Studio Policies
NO STREET SHOES permitted on the studio floor at any time.  All shoes should be removed in the stair well.  Storage is provided, or you may carry your shoes into the dressing room and leave them with your other belongings.
No cellphones in the studio.
No food or drink, other than water in enclosed containers, in the studio, waiting areas, or dressing rooms.  The studio has a designated pad where water bottles may be left during class.
Dress Code


Dance is discipline, and that discipline includes our attire, from head to toe.  We want you to be able to concentrate fully on your art form, without the distraction of improper or unseemly hair or clothing.


All dancers in all classes


NO STREET SHOES permitted on the studio floor at any time.

Hair must be secured completely out of the face (boys & girls).  Please use bobby pins, headbands, whatever it takes.


Ballet - Children’s Classes


Girls:  Pink tights and ballet slippers.  NO SKIRTS allowed in children's classes. Color coded leotards, as follows:

Creative Movement: Black or Pink; PreBallet: Red; Beginning Ballet: Pink; Intermediate Ballet: Lavender; Advanced: Copen blue 

Boys:  Black tights or dance pants, black ballet slippers and a white t-shirt.  Dance belts required for age 11 and older.


Ballet - Adult classes


Women:  Pink tights and ballet slippers.  Black leotards recommended.  Skirts permitted.

Men:  Black tights or dance pants, black ballet slippers and a white t-shirt.  Dance belts required for age 11 and older.


Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap


All students:  appropriate shoes to the genre.  Black jazz shoes (Oxford style or slip-on).  Bare feet for modern.  Black tap shoes.

Girls:  Black leotard and black tights/dance pants, black shoes.

Women:  Any color leotard and black tights or dance pants, black shoes.

Boys/Men:  Black t-shirt, black dance pants, black shoes.  Dance belts age 11 and older.

Hip Hop


Dress to move.  Students should refrain from wearing logos or printed clothing that would be inappropriate or offensive. 

Hip hop students may wear sneakers specifically for dance class (no street shoes).


Girls/Women:  Black leotard, and black tights/dance pants, skirts optional, black heeled dance shoes recommended.

Boys/Men:  Black t-shirt, black dance pants, black heeled dance shoes recommended.  Dance belts age 11 and older.

CPDW Snow Cancellation Policy


We will make every attempt to inform our students if we must cancel our classes due to inclement weather, including here on the home page of our website, on our Central PA Dance Workshop Facebook page, on our answering machine, and on Channel 4.


However, CPDW rarely cancels classes.  We encourage you to attend if you feel safe and comfortable doing so.  Otherwise you are welcome to make up your absence in the class of your choice during the current semester.  Please use caution and your best judgment.

Financial Policy

A minimum deposit of one-half of the total tuition is required at registration. The remainder is due by the drop date. Any student who must be billed for tuition will be charged a carrying charge of $5.00 per month, or any part of a month. Payment plans are available for students who need them, particularly students enrolled in more than one class.

Class Drop Procedure


For a student to officially drop a class, a signed withdrawal slip must be received in the office on or before the drop date, or 2 weeks from the time the first class is taken.  This applies to both full semester students and those who register for multiple single classes.  The $25.00 registration fee, insurance fee and a charge for each class which has met will be deducted from the amount paid, and a refund will be sent. Click here for the withdrawal form.


Any student who does not officially withdraw from class by the drop date is financially responsible for the full amount of tuition registered, whether classes are attended or not.

Absences/Make Up Policy


If you are unable to attend your regularly scheduled class, students are invited and encouraged to make up any absences in any other age/level appropriate class during the current semester.  Please let your instructor(s) know if you will be missing class for whatever reason (call the studio at 814-237-2666 or email  

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Financial Policy
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