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Theatre Etiquette for the Audience

Different types of performances expect different audience behaviors.

It is perfectly acceptable, and maybe even expected, to stand and yell and cheer at a rock concert, but if you did that at the symphony, you would certainly get evil looks and might even be escorted out of the theatre. Take a photo or video at a Broadway show and the ushers will be quick to confiscate your phone or see you out the door.

For any live theatrical performance it is de rigueur to arrive in plenty of time to be seated before the curtain rises. There is no such thing as fashionably late for the ballet. Silence and put away your phones. Giving your grandma a running commentary is not acceptable, nor is singing along. They may be playing your favorite song, but those around you didn't pay to hear you sing. Respect your fellow audience members and the performers.

It is such a treat to dance on the stage with professional tech (lighting & sound). At CPDW we want everyone to have the best experience possible, both the audience and the dancers. To that end, the taking photos or videos is strictly forbidden. So sit back and relax, be present in the moment, and enjoy the show!

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