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Dancer/Parent Responsibilities for Safe Dancing


  • Zoom students – please be on time and ready to go, in the waiting room, before the start of class.

  • All students – live and Zoom are expected to adhere to the dress code (this summer we were more relaxed, but with our current hybrid model we need for everyone to be subject to the same standards).

  • Dancers should arrive at the studio already dressed in their dance clothes (excepting dance shoes, of course); no one should be changing in the dressing room or bathrooms.

  • Everyone MUST wear a mask at all times when in the building.

  • Dancers enter through the front door. Please wait in the stairwell (socially distanced) until the previous class has exited the studio.

  • Dancers will receive a temperature check at the studio door. If a student's temperature is higher than 100.4, they will not be permitted to participate, and parents will be called for immediate pick up.

  • Dancers will stay home if they are ill, join us on Zoom if they are able, and will contact CPDW as soon as possible if they or any family member or other close contact has received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

  • After the temperature check, dancers will proceed to the furthest chair as directed, with all of their belongings, including street shoes (please continue to take street shoes off in the stairwell and carry them in with you to place under your chair). Phones should be on silent and secured in pocket or bag.  Please bring a personal water bottle.

  • Dancers will use hand sanitizer when the arrive, before and after using the ballet barres and any other shared surface, and when exiting.

  • Dancers will maintain social distancing AT ALL TIMES, not just in the studio, but in the stairwells, hallway, etc.

  • After class, dancers should quickly over-dress, gather their belongings, and exit through the rear door, remaining socially distanced at all times. Rear door can be accessed from Calder Way, and the same parking lot as the State Theatre stage door.

  • Parents are asked to remain outside the studio at all times. Drop off at the front door and pick up at the rear door.

This seems like a lot of new rules, and it is, but we want to keep our CPDW family safe and healthy!

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