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CPDW's NEW COVID Protocols                                   updated 01/13/2023





  • when required by your instructor

  • when you've had any known recent COVID exposure**

  • if you are experiencing any sort of upper respiratory symptoms**

    • additionally, we strongly recommend a rapid COVID test before coming to class if you are exhibiting any symptoms or on day 5 if you've had known COVID exposure


*Masking policy subject to change if/when conditions merit; CPDW will follow CDC guidelines.  

      Low Transmission (Green) - masks optional

      Medium Transmission (Yellow) - masks strongly encouraged

      High Transmission (Red) - masks required

**If you're experiencing any symptoms or have known close contact, you are encouraged to stay home and make up your absence at a later date.


Dancer/Parent Responsibilities:


  • Dancers enter through the front door and will wait in the stairwell (socially distanced) until the previous class has exited the studio.

  • Dancers should arrive at studio already dressed in their dance clothing, if possible.

  • Upon entering, dancers should proceed to the furthest chair with all of their belongings.

  • After class dancers will gather their belongings, quickly over-dress, and exit through the rear door.

  • Parents are asked to remain outside the studio at all times. Drop off at the front door and pick up at the rear door.

  • Dancers are asked to stay home if they feel ill.

  • Dancers will use hand sanitizer regularly, including when they arrive, after floor or barre work, and when they exit.

  • Dancers will contact CPDW as soon as possible if they or any family member or other close contact has received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

CPDW will continue to maintain many of our current protocols, including:

  • Prop open front and back doors and run fans to maintain airflow.

  • Run HVAC system and room air purifiers for constant ventilation and air circulation.

  • Regularly sanitize all barres and shared surfaces.

  • Maintain social distance markers in the stairwell and studio

  • Allow 5 minute transition time between classes to minimize student cross-contact.

  • Paper towels in all restrooms.

  • No shared water fountain. Dancers should bring a personal water bottle.

  • Run UV light nightly to disinfect the studio space.

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