CPDW's Updated COVID Protocols                                   updated 07/29/21


Beginning with Fall Semester 2021, CPDW will adopt Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and PA Department of Health (DOH) guidelines, and those of the State College Area School District (SCASD) . Should there be further updates from the CDC, DOH, or SCASD, CPDW take them into account.






  • Students may show proof of vaccinated status and attend unmasked (exception, see below).*

  • Students who are unvaccinated or prefer not to disclose vaccine status must remain masked.

  • Masks are required for all students below 12 years of age.

  • *Masks are required for all students in classes with students who are ineligible for the vaccine.

 Masking policy subject to change depending on the current situation.


Dancer/Parent Responsibilities:


  • Dancers enter through the front door and will wait in the stairwell (socially distanced) until the previous class has exited the studio.

  • Dancers should arrive at studio already dressed in their dance clothing, if possible.

  • Upon entering, dancers should proceed to the furthest chair with all of their belongings.

  • After class dancers will quickly over-dress, gather their belongings, and exit through the rear door.

  • Parents are asked to remain outside the studio at all times. Drop off at the front door and pick up at the rear door.

  • Dancers are asked to wear a mask or, preferably, stay home if they feel ill.

  • Dancers will use hand sanitizer regularly, including when they arrive, after floor or barre work, and when they exit.


CPDW will maintain many of our current protocols, including:


  • Prop open front and back doors and run fans to maintain airflow.

  • Run HVAC system and room air purifiers for constant ventilation and air circulation.

  • Regularly sanitize all barres and shared surfaces.

  • Maintain social distance markers in the stairwell and studio

  • Allow 5 minute transition time between classes to minimize student cross-contact.

  • Paper towels in all restrooms.

  • No shared water fountain. Dancers should bring a personal water bottle.

  • Run UV light nightly to disinfect the studio space.